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Big news! We’re teaming up with a new supplier that offers high-quality and eco-friendly clothing at lower prices. This means you can enjoy more savings on our new releases, starting from next week. Don’t miss this chance to get your favorite artworks on awesome apparel!

Before the Gig
Before the Gig

Fall '23 Collection

Welcome to Bitemarks! We're a passionate team dedicated to creating unique and eye-catching high-fashion horror apparel. Our designs fuse dark aesthetics with elegant artistry, making a bold statement with each piece. As a conscious brand, we prioritize sustainability and thoughtful production, crafting each item individually to minimize waste. We're also proud supporters of mental health awareness, donating $2 from every order to mental health charities. Join our journey as we redefine style, make an impact in the world of fashion, and contribute to a meaningful cause. Discover the allure of Bitemarks and let your wardrobe tell a story.

New Arrivals

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