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Introducing "Ritual Madness," a captivating art print that seamlessly blends light gray and red hues with devilcore and somber religious undertones. This intriguing masterpiece draws inspiration from a scavenging witch's dark symbolism, evoking a sense of ritualistic madness and an otherworldly, deathcore aesthetic.


The symmetrical composition captivates the viewer, while the subdued colors create a dramatic, yet solemn atmosphere. Delve into the intricate character illustrations, themes, and woodland goth elements, which together form a sanctuary-like setting. "Ritual Madness" features a young woman and deer, enveloped in darkness and surrounded by the moon, embodying the mystique of nature and the complex relationship between life, death, and spirituality.


This thought-provoking artwork challenges the viewer to explore the depths of the human psyche while providing a unique and stylish statement piece for your wardrobe. Made with a 100% cotton face, 65% ring-spun cotton, and 35% polyester, the hoodie offers a comfortable fit and front pouch pocket, self-fabric patch on the back, matching flat drawstrings, and a 3-panel hood.


Blank product sourced from Pakistan, Bitemarks is committed to crafting each product with care and precision, tailored to your individual order. This process may take a little longer, but it ensures that we create items only when needed, minimizing overproduction and waste. By choosing Bitemarks, you not only embrace our unique high-fashion horror aesthetic but also contribute to a more thoughtful and sustainable approach to fashion. Thank you for your support and for making a conscious choice!

Ritual Madness Premium Hoodie

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